Friday, May 25, 2012

So, I was perusing on, when I was struck by 24 year old Fashion Designer/Blogger from Manila wearing these fierce green pants that were etched with gold lining, creating a look of fabric scales on her legs. She appopiately titled her look "Reptile."
For those of you who are not familar with LookBook, it is basically a forum for fashionistas to post pictures of themselves, in their own looks, to be shared and hyped by equally enthusaistic fashionistas.  Camille C. was on the "Hot" page, meaning she is one of the top hyped looks on the site.  
The great thing about LookBook is you have the option to list the source of your clothes. In Camille C.'s case, her stem stunners came from
Now it's time to talk about what I came here to talk about!
VirgosLounge has some beautiful, distinct peices that look expensive, but really aren't! I had to share my new found fashion sweet spot! Check out some of my fav finds:
Camille C. in her Virgos Lounge pants on
Ziggy Green $45, but sorry, these pants are sold out! Camille C. should probably be the one saying sorry for that. But they do offer it in a deep wine red color! 
Daffy Jacket $78. Would you have thought to pair this top with light aqua? Honestly, idk if I would, but it works! Love the beaded work. This could really spruce up a pair of denim too.
Blake Green-$25, only $25!
Nila Skirt, $49. It looks like flower petals.

I almost do not want to share the last one, because I'm scared other girls will get it and wear it before I do! I think it's stunning!

Poppy, $85

Virgos Lounge

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