Sunday, December 4, 2011

Your Wardrobe Weapon: The Track Attack

Do you ever stare at your closet in a confused daze when trying to decide what to wear? Do you know there have been times where you liked what you wore, but more often, you end up feeling less than enthused with what you put haphazardly together? 
Simply put, a wardrobe tracking system keeps record of what you wear on a daily basis, but can be utilized for complex solutions to optimizing your wardrobe. It’s so easy to forget looks that work, ones that definitely do not, or target the right pieces for a given occasion, but with a simple tracking system, you can record looks that make you look and feel good, and ones that don’t, and therefore create go-to outfits that make dressing easy. Imagine, packing for a trip by simply scanning a simple list, a list that is so easy to formulate. Or even referring to a list for those days you are staring clueless in front of your closet. 
The following are easy steps to get you started in wardrobe tracking. But first, here are a few things to set straight: 
It’s ok to wear the same thing twice. It’s far better to have a designated, classy outfit, for a given occasion (like a “Camping Look”) than to wear something not as stylish, just because it is different than last time. 
The only exception where it is ok to wear outfits you don’t love are days when you are experimenting with your clothes. Try new looks out, like for example, when you purchase a new piece you still need to incorporate with your wardrobe. Don’t worry, the following tracking system will prevent an experiment from turning into a repeat fashion offense. You wont discover looks you love without daring to wear new ones.  
Now for the tracking system: 

-Buy a notebook, I like a pad, more of than a spiral, because it is easy to flip through the pages. Keep it in a convenient spot. For me, it is in a larger bowl slid under my dresser, with a pencil saving my spot. 

-Write down what you wear everyday. If you change within a day, write that down too. Even record exercise clothes- why not love what you wear to the gym too? Include accessories, which means jewelry, belts, shoes and bags. Me personally, sometimes I leave accessories out, so when I wear an outfit again, I get some fun in re-picking them out. 
-Develop a short hand. 
           Just add color or descriptive word....
BW: black and white (like striped bw) 
Pencil: pencil skirt (like green pencil)
Skinnies: skinny pants (like black skinnies)
Skinny: skinny belt  (like brown skinny) 
Peep-toe: peep-toe (like leopard peep-toe) 
Multi: multi-colored (like multi-colored sweater)

-Every week, look over list of daily records, and star the ones that you enjoyed wearing.
-Make a list of all starred outfits. An easy way to categorize it is by season. For example, make a list for “Spring”, and add your favorite outfits to that list as the season goes on. The great thing about Spring is, when Fall comes around, you can practically use the same list. 
-Use your season lists as a go-to resource for what your best outfits are for the following scenarios:  
Packing for a trip
Special Occasions
but most importantly, ANY AND EVERY DAY! Everyday, you are out in the world, and deserve to put your best outfit forward. 
-Go more in depth, if you wish, by creating more categories for your starred items. Try some of the following: 
Casual Day/Night 
Dressy Day/Night 
Work Clothes 
Please Wear Again
-You can also list specific looks: 
Meet the Parents 
Move Day 
Job Interview 
Other things you can do with your wardrobe tracking: 
When you are trying on outfits, you might like something you put together, but don’t what to wear it right then. So write down this outfits under “Please Wear.” When you want to wear something fresh, this is a good go-to list. It’s so easy to forget your ideas, so put em down on paper! 
When you are putting looks together, sometimes you find yourself saying, “If I only had a red skirt, this outfit would be great!” Well, write red skirt down under “Please Buy.” Refer to this list for your next shopping trip, that way you buys items that will enhance your wardrobe.  
Psychologists all agree, tracking down any behavior causes improvement in that area. By simply writing what you wear everyday, who knows, on a rainy day you might find yourself looking over your note pad and coming to some great, personal fashion realizations. You’re guaranteed at least some solid fashion reminders. Imagine waking up, knowing exactly what you will be wearing And it’s fabulous. No more staring at your closet. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hints from the Runway

Try some of these easy pairings to add a little designer to your look (No budget needed!)

Black Shirt:White Collar 

Seen at Calvin Klein, DKNY and Louis Vuitton, this classic combo creates simple, instant polish. Try a rounded collar for a more modern take.
Turtle Neck:Sweater

Seen at Celine, with slick trousers. Also pair your fall turtleneck with a collarless coat, a classic trench, or a fur vest.

Bright Tights

Seen at Fendi. Pair with a neutral knee length skirt, and a patterned top that picks up the color of the tights. Plaid is a smart fall option, as are ankle strap pumps.

White Button Up:Black Skirt 

Seen at Ralph Lauren. Every woman should own a classic white button up and black skirt. Ralph Lauren makes the two staples fresh again. Simply add accessories with hints of color. Lauren went with green add-ons and red lips. A belt with a center buckle is the perfect way to complete the look.
Ralph Lauren


Seen at Dries Van Noten, Dior and Marc by Marc Jacobs. If you will be sporting black booties next season, take a hint from Dior and opt for over-the-rim black socks or bunched leg warmers (not too thick). Or, just as well, bring in color. Try a deep fall tone, like rich burgundy. Also, bringing a pattern to the leg, perhaps peeped out of a snakeskin boot, as seen below, adds ultra cool interest.
Dries Van Noten

Friday, July 1, 2011


If I can only buy one new piece of clothing for the Fall, what should it be?


Possibly because it adds instant elegance, offers bountiful versatility and layering options, and appeared on many Fall 2011 runways, the neck-tie blouse is your one must-have item. You can find the necktie top in many variations, from glamourous evening gowns to low-key button ups. A silk blouse version, in a classic creme, vibrant hue, or black and white graphic, can be dressed up or down, layered with fall vests, cardigans, sweaters or jackets and paired with pencil skirts, trousers, and even jeans. Tied high or tied low, in a bow or just a fold, over or under, this is the piece that feels new everyday. Gucci, probably the most, tied many of its great looks with a bow:

*Style note: Layer with a sweater, belt it with a skinny, and drape over with a long pendant 
*Style note: A scarf can cast the same effect. Try a plunging V neck and tie to the side. 
Other ensembles, wrapped up nicely:


Yves Saint Laurent 

Dolce & Gabbana 

Alberta Ferretti 

Salvatore Ferragamo 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Valentino

I consider Valentino to be my favorite collection of RTW Fall/Winter 2011-2012. Valentino 's dedication to true elegance always impresses me, but this season I fell in love with the romantic, soft, polished looks, one after another.

House designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Picciolo's creations shined in sheer panelling, glittery textures, rose lace, vivacious furs, and delicate gowns.

Pink powdered nudes, in monochromatic pairings, to deep burgundies, in classic silhouettes and detailed frocks, ranged with prevalence, as blacks, greens and blues spotted the color palette, sometimes in the form of a breezy pattern.

Sliver thin belts tied the looks together, adding delicacy to the already ultra feminine, light pieces, and block toned pumps with black ankle straps finished off the lady-like demure.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need a wardrobe fix? This skirt makes many looks, here are six:

The Peice: A white chiffon, high-waisted skirt printed with black sketch art. Think sketch book page on article of clothing.
American Apparel $42

Look 1:

A turtle neck and full skirt pair for elegant appeal. Combine a black and white print with your favorite color- you can't go wrong.    

Look 2: 

A tied button up meets a high waisted skirt perfectly. Opt for a classic blue collared shirt. It keeps your look casual but still smart. 

Look 3:

A plain tee tones down a chiffon skirt. Pair the killer combo with lace up wedges;  they add the extra needed dose of sexy. 

Look 4:

A black and white printed item mixes well with a neutral and a pop of color.  Invest in a quality, neutral toned cardigan-your wardrobe will thank you.

Look 5: 

A long tunic can lay over a full skirt, causing a nice peek of fabric at the hemline.  Do not be afraid to add stripes and leopard print into the mix; browns serve a black and white pallet well. 

Look 6 :

A silk-tie shirt compliments the softness of the skirt.  Use black and white, texture like prints-they add interest. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Get your cards in place!

In a city known for its business card exchanges, make the most of yours with a tasteful card holder.  Functionally, it keeps your cards organized and kept, but more so, a sharp holder makes a statement about yourself- a positive statement your business card may not be able to communicate. 
As a New Yorker, you will likely carry business cards for years to come. Therefore, it is an investment. For this reason, when you purchase one, you can opt for a more expensive, designer piece, if it is something special and signature to you. 
Valextra’s  Bicolor Business Card Holder is a slick option. It’s unique creme color and bright green outer stitching set a distinguished tone. Made of real leather, it goes for  $280, available at Barney’s New York online. 
Bicolor Business Card Holder
Salvatore Ferragamo’s Two-Tone Leather Card Case, for $170, is a classic that would last you a lifetime. It’s charm comes with its two tones- one flap is mahogany and the other flap white. Keep in mind, to pick up leather cleaner as well, to keep the white looking clean. 
Burberry’s Check Card Holder, $185, has an appeasing aesthetic of brown and black plaid. It has slots on the exterior for placing cards. The holder looks cool and clean pictured online, but once you place cards in it, it will become a visual card collection mess. If you like the outward filing system for organizational purposes, however, Tory 
Burch’s Robinson Metallic Slim Card Case, $85, in a cool canvas material with metallic sheen, might just hold your heart as well as your cards.   
Coach and Kate Spade also boast of great card holders for women. Coach’s Madison Embossed Python Zip Card Case, $118, in silver/light blue python print is a visual treat.  
Kate Spade’s Mercer Street Holly, $50, is pleasingly simple and affordable. Opt for the light teal one if your aim is to calm, or choose the bright yellow variation, if you aim to energize.  
Mercer Street Holly 

If you pine for prints, Paul Smith’s Hydrangea Print Business Card Holder, $165, in pinks, purples and beiges, is a soft, feminine sight that can still mean business. 
Barney’s New York carries their own signature card holders in a seven different colors such as deep blue, red and orange. They are sliders, where one side slides into the slight larger side. It is a useful design except for the possibility of mixing your business cards with other peoples. You want your business card exchange to go as gracefully as possible, which doesn’t include fumbling through your stack of cards. Still, made of leather and $95, they look sturdy, high quality and smart, at least till you have to slide them open. 
Barney’s New York 

Before your business card holder pursuit, consider what reads on your business card. Your job title is the best place to start. Your purchase should not only hold your cards, but also support what reads on your cards.   For that reason, maybe for your profession, a black, non-flashy holder is in order. 
Other cardholders with professions in the arts or entertainment, can appropriately carry holders with more personality. A comedian or DJ, for examples, could make a smart impression with this Paul Smith’s Haniboi - Hanitape Coin & Card Pocket, which is made of white silicone rubber and appears to be a cassette tape with light, stylish black print details. With a price of $21, it very well could serve the starving starlet. 

Until you find your perfect card holder, or until you save up for the one you have found, consider a $3.95 card holder for H&M. It’s far better to have a holder than no holder at all. Just the fact you use a holder says something about your attention to detail. In Soho’s H&M they offer a zip up option in an orange, burgundy, and light pink rose pattern. Also for $3.95, are flap holder options, such as one in coral, with two pockets, (one for your cards and the other for ones you receive). 
You put great thought into crafting your card, from its font, to your title. You pondered graphics or no graphics, color or no color. Now you can fold close, zip up, and slide home the project with the perfect business card holder. Once all the cards are in place, remember what matters most, and that’s the cardholder.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Item NY: Soho's New Jeweler on the Block

Soho jewelry boutique, Item New York,  attests to both its unique business model and unique jewelry collection, for their neighborhood and international success in the year-and-a-half since opening its doors,
Owner and jewelry buyer of INY, Boaz Sade, named his store Item after the gallery quality of the boutique, which displays it’s jewelry by highlighting its pieces, or items, rather than showcasing its diseigners. 
The name INY also stems from Sade’s strongest desire, that his customers find an item in the store that they connect with. 
“I want to see someone come in and say, that’s mine,” Sade said.  

These teal, organic earrings could be the IT Item for the right, unique woman. 

Sade accredits his stores success in part with his sincere, organic, internal experience with his jewelry selections. 
“I use intuition in choosing pieces, it is all from the gut,” Sade said. “I wanted to bring a good variety of things that speak to me that I know will speak to someone else. If I can connect to a piece, I’m sure someone else can connect to it.”
Sade said he ignores all forecasted trends while jewelry selecting, claiming INY’s jewelry has, “No relevance to time.” 
Nor does he base selections on what he thinks will sell, Sade said. 
There are big sellers at INY Item, however, such as the plentiful offerings of long delicate bead strands that Sade claims people love for layering. Also classic shapes, such as teardrop earrings, are quick to sell. As Sade put it, every item at INY is a classy shape that will never go out of style. 

Delicate wrist stackables are popular items

Furthermore, Sade said at INY, you can find a classic piece, but with a unique giving characteristic. 
“We fill a category with something different,” Sade said. “I find people coming in here finding unique pieces, and that’s attraction to our store.”
With new pieces every week, from various sources, including local designers and even finds from the Middle East, the coherent look of the store surprises. 
“I’m not trying to create a certain look, it’s interesting that everything I bring in and display, ends up being really organic, and works together. But really if you took every piece and separated them, you would see that some of them really are not connected,” Sade said. 
This watch-work bronze ring has a distinct style, but still blends well with the mix 

Inside INY’s jewelry display cases, the diverse items work ascetically well together, while at the same time, offer a variety, which serve every type of woman shopper. 
“Any person that walks in here could find a piece for them, and that’s what I wanted to do,” Sade said. 
Along with striving to meet diverse needs of women clientele, Sade said one of his top priorities is creating a welcoming and relaxing environment. 
“When someone comes in, for me, the first thing is not the sale. It’s really to make sure that the experience is the right experience,” Sade said. “I want this to be a long term project for me.”
In other efforts of of making INY a long term project, Sade said, he has other non-traditional approaches to business. 
“Although we have a policy that says two weeks for returns, or exchange, I never have refused anything, even if it came three months later,” Sade said. “If they come here and want to exchange it, for me it is all good. I value if you are happy, and that if you will want to come back.”
Finding success in an artistic approach to merchandising, an emphasis on customer service,  and promotion of environment, Sade opening a second store, as well as burgeoning Item NY’s online business, poses great potential. 
Until then, their current store’s neighborhood, SoHo, serves INY very well, Sade said.  
“The neighborhood here in Soho is amazing. We have such a broad clientele from around the world. They keep coming, I love seeing the same faces,” Sade said. “I have guys that call me, ‘Its my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow, she loves your store, has been their several times, can you just pick something for me?’ They even trust me on that level.”
Other ties to the city include close work with TV shows, White Collar and Law & Order. 
With such connections of success, Sade credits one factor. 
“For me, it’s what I love to do, its my playground, there is no philosophy aside from I’m connected to it and I love it,” Sade said. “Its organic place to play. ”
Visit Item NY at 444 Broome Street, Soho, NY 10013, or online at

Saturday, April 30, 2011


If you are on the hunt for unique cocktail rings, nOir, at, could very well end your pursuit. These dynamic creatures are happy to both perch on your finger and make a statement:

So who is behind these clever and tasteful designs? nOir's founder and jewelry designer, Lee Catalan, who previously worked for Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta, said she feels fortunate to have a constant flow of ideas for her pieces, as well as a great team to carry her visions to a final product. This is especially true because she claims to be a terrible sketcher. 

Since it's inception in 1995, nOir's success not only stems from Catalan's creative concepts, but also from the quality of it's craftsmanship. 

"I really think our quality is unmatched in the costume jewelry world. We take pride in our quality and use only brass, not cheap metal. Our stones are of high clarity Cubic Zirconia, NOT rhinestones. We plate with 18k gold, and we are known for our pave (stone setting)," Catalan said. 

nOir's success includes collaborations with many iconic designers, such as Moschino and Patricia Field, and serves as a favorite go-to line for celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Madonna. 

Catalan's fresh, fun themes with each new season also spur nOir's popularity. 

"Each season I have new inspirations- last season it was deco-Egyptian, and Tropicalia. This season has more of a Punk Modernist feel," Catalan said. 

Catalan said her themes are never based on fads or trends

"I think the combination of experience and taste level makes the jewelry timeless," Catalan said. 

The following are some Themes nOir offers for Spring 2011 (names of themes not official titles).: 

Black & White Tribal

Exota Half Moon Bead Earrings 

Sale!  $80
NOW  $56! 

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman Americana Ring

Gothum City   
Gotham City Ring
Finger claw

Disco Vixen 

Horn Shaped Claw Necklace

Find these pieces and more of nOir  at