Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sexy and Working: Milly's Fall 2011 Tribute to the '70s Woman

 Vibrant colors. 

Sexy cuts.

These are the things we love so much. 

Milly's colorful blast to the '70s packed a lively punch, with professional 
go-get um wear and sexy street threads meant for the feminine 
AND confident. Maybe a woman can do it all! 

The '70s funk soundtrack thumped with the decade's finest 
brown knee-high riding boots, and  sleek ankle strapped stilettos, 
which were paired with slim tops and blazers,  sexy trousers 
(wide legged and flared of course), jumpsuits, long, fluid skirts, 
and trench coats, often all topped off with large brown, signature 
of the time,floppy hats. 

The colors were vibrant, with a mix of deep purples, greens, golden browns, 
and blues, often in velvet and silk. The bold pairing of bright orange-peach 
and bright pink could be seen in tweed on professional wear, as well as in 
street wear, where it was  pared down with navy, black and gray. Gray 
tights were a re-occuring site. 

The bow tied at the neck kept up the theme of the decade several times as 
well throughout the show, as did the subdued glittery disco dresses in bronze 
and silver. 

Along with the floppy hat and the ankle-strap heel, the accessory of choice 
was the long glove in velvet, and a pair of bright red lips.

Speaking of lips, a favorite was a pink dress printed with large red lipstick 
kisses. This dress may represent perfectly what I would like to do to all the 
looks of this show.

A look from Milly's Spring 2011 Collection 

Tip from the Runway:

Pair a basic navy blue and white 
striped shirt with a neon tweed of a 
different color

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