Monday, February 21, 2011

Lessons from Trias: Fall 2011 Collection

Trias' collection reminded me that one doesn't need to wear provocative, tight fitting clothes to be sexy . I really thought the modest looks, with their knee length hems, looser cuts and thick layering, had a very hot effect. I especially found this to be true in his more professional dresses. I could picture a professional woman commanding respect at the workplace with one of these frocks, then coming home to look like the hottest housewife, with or without the apron. 

Lesson #1: 
Intelligence, drive, taste and self-respect are sexy, therefore sexy dressing must communicate all these things. 

Professional/Sexy Mama Looks:

The epitome of Trias' aim with this collection: simple, clean,  

A slouchy dress entices appeal:
The mix of evening wear silk with thick knit and leather cast a cool affect

Lust worthy layering:
An air of mystery forces the onlooker to create a story, one that inevitably includes the beheld woman as a smart woman. 
Lesson # 2: 
For Fall accessories, you only need three. 
1. The  Glove 
Long and in leather or suede 

2. The Skinny Belt 

In a neutral shade of suede, some times matching, sometimes mixing with the shoes 

3. The Kitten Heel 
Pointy in earthy browns, taupes and greens

Lesson # 3 

Believe you can't wear black with brown? Trias teaches us neutral combinations of brown and black, even with navy and gray, wear well like color any day. 

Perfectly cut gray poncho wraps up all that you thought was wrong, but turns out, looks just right: navy pants, black shirt, and brown scarf. 
Distinct fabrics add to the mix. 

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