Monday, April 11, 2011

An artist's


with the stylized 

female ...

The British talent, Dirk Bogare (1921-1999), was mostly known for his acting career, including a co-starring role in Judy Garland's last film,  I Could Go On Singing (1963). He also wrote and published a slew of memoirs, novels, and poetry collections.

It was as a student at Chelsea School of Art, however, that Bogare developed another gift up his sleeve, and that was literally sketching sleeves--sleeves worn by fashionable, illustrated women, along with their skirts, coats, accessories, and more.

The following are impressions posted on his official website, which were discovered in a green sketchbook, dating back to 1941. Women's fashion, with an undeniable dose of artistic styling credited soley to Bogare, took center stage on its pages:

From Bogare’s 

Poem “Santa 


...and we walk 


trousers rolled 

in gray Pacific 

sand...London shoes, past 

musseled rocks....and in my pocket, (Why just 

mine?) all our socks...

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