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If you are on the hunt for unique cocktail rings, nOir, at, could very well end your pursuit. These dynamic creatures are happy to both perch on your finger and make a statement:

So who is behind these clever and tasteful designs? nOir's founder and jewelry designer, Lee Catalan, who previously worked for Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta, said she feels fortunate to have a constant flow of ideas for her pieces, as well as a great team to carry her visions to a final product. This is especially true because she claims to be a terrible sketcher. 

Since it's inception in 1995, nOir's success not only stems from Catalan's creative concepts, but also from the quality of it's craftsmanship. 

"I really think our quality is unmatched in the costume jewelry world. We take pride in our quality and use only brass, not cheap metal. Our stones are of high clarity Cubic Zirconia, NOT rhinestones. We plate with 18k gold, and we are known for our pave (stone setting)," Catalan said. 

nOir's success includes collaborations with many iconic designers, such as Moschino and Patricia Field, and serves as a favorite go-to line for celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Madonna. 

Catalan's fresh, fun themes with each new season also spur nOir's popularity. 

"Each season I have new inspirations- last season it was deco-Egyptian, and Tropicalia. This season has more of a Punk Modernist feel," Catalan said. 

Catalan said her themes are never based on fads or trends

"I think the combination of experience and taste level makes the jewelry timeless," Catalan said. 

The following are some Themes nOir offers for Spring 2011 (names of themes not official titles).: 

Black & White Tribal

Exota Half Moon Bead Earrings 

Sale!  $80
NOW  $56! 

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman Americana Ring

Gothum City   
Gotham City Ring
Finger claw

Disco Vixen 

Horn Shaped Claw Necklace

Find these pieces and more of nOir  at 

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