Sunday, December 4, 2011

Your Wardrobe Weapon: The Track Attack

Do you ever stare at your closet in a confused daze when trying to decide what to wear? Do you know there have been times where you liked what you wore, but more often, you end up feeling less than enthused with what you put haphazardly together? 
Simply put, a wardrobe tracking system keeps record of what you wear on a daily basis, but can be utilized for complex solutions to optimizing your wardrobe. It’s so easy to forget looks that work, ones that definitely do not, or target the right pieces for a given occasion, but with a simple tracking system, you can record looks that make you look and feel good, and ones that don’t, and therefore create go-to outfits that make dressing easy. Imagine, packing for a trip by simply scanning a simple list, a list that is so easy to formulate. Or even referring to a list for those days you are staring clueless in front of your closet. 
The following are easy steps to get you started in wardrobe tracking. But first, here are a few things to set straight: 
It’s ok to wear the same thing twice. It’s far better to have a designated, classy outfit, for a given occasion (like a “Camping Look”) than to wear something not as stylish, just because it is different than last time. 
The only exception where it is ok to wear outfits you don’t love are days when you are experimenting with your clothes. Try new looks out, like for example, when you purchase a new piece you still need to incorporate with your wardrobe. Don’t worry, the following tracking system will prevent an experiment from turning into a repeat fashion offense. You wont discover looks you love without daring to wear new ones.  
Now for the tracking system: 

-Buy a notebook, I like a pad, more of than a spiral, because it is easy to flip through the pages. Keep it in a convenient spot. For me, it is in a larger bowl slid under my dresser, with a pencil saving my spot. 

-Write down what you wear everyday. If you change within a day, write that down too. Even record exercise clothes- why not love what you wear to the gym too? Include accessories, which means jewelry, belts, shoes and bags. Me personally, sometimes I leave accessories out, so when I wear an outfit again, I get some fun in re-picking them out. 
-Develop a short hand. 
           Just add color or descriptive word....
BW: black and white (like striped bw) 
Pencil: pencil skirt (like green pencil)
Skinnies: skinny pants (like black skinnies)
Skinny: skinny belt  (like brown skinny) 
Peep-toe: peep-toe (like leopard peep-toe) 
Multi: multi-colored (like multi-colored sweater)

-Every week, look over list of daily records, and star the ones that you enjoyed wearing.
-Make a list of all starred outfits. An easy way to categorize it is by season. For example, make a list for “Spring”, and add your favorite outfits to that list as the season goes on. The great thing about Spring is, when Fall comes around, you can practically use the same list. 
-Use your season lists as a go-to resource for what your best outfits are for the following scenarios:  
Packing for a trip
Special Occasions
but most importantly, ANY AND EVERY DAY! Everyday, you are out in the world, and deserve to put your best outfit forward. 
-Go more in depth, if you wish, by creating more categories for your starred items. Try some of the following: 
Casual Day/Night 
Dressy Day/Night 
Work Clothes 
Please Wear Again
-You can also list specific looks: 
Meet the Parents 
Move Day 
Job Interview 
Other things you can do with your wardrobe tracking: 
When you are trying on outfits, you might like something you put together, but don’t what to wear it right then. So write down this outfits under “Please Wear.” When you want to wear something fresh, this is a good go-to list. It’s so easy to forget your ideas, so put em down on paper! 
When you are putting looks together, sometimes you find yourself saying, “If I only had a red skirt, this outfit would be great!” Well, write red skirt down under “Please Buy.” Refer to this list for your next shopping trip, that way you buys items that will enhance your wardrobe.  
Psychologists all agree, tracking down any behavior causes improvement in that area. By simply writing what you wear everyday, who knows, on a rainy day you might find yourself looking over your note pad and coming to some great, personal fashion realizations. You’re guaranteed at least some solid fashion reminders. Imagine waking up, knowing exactly what you will be wearing And it’s fabulous. No more staring at your closet. 

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