Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everyday this week I Dressed Up and Wrote Down. Here are my seven looks for you to Try, all with true and tested Tips.

Day 1: 
I’m a Princess 

Try: ...A pink and purple pairing. 
Tip: Keep the two tones both ultra soft for a feminine touch. Seek luxurious materials such as satin and cashmere, as well as sparkly details that make you feel like a girl playing dress up. Check out Valentino’s F/W 2012 runway looks for lovely spins on rouges, as well as Alberta Ferretti’s play with pink and purple in here Philosophy line for F/W 2012.
Day 2:
Casual Prim 
Try: ...A graphic tee with a feminine, printed skirt.  
Tip: Balance and add edge to a a high waisted, short, preferably aline skirt with a printed tee. It creates that cool contrast between girly/tomboy, dressy/casual, plus a smart graphic can be a visual treat when complimented with a print, such as the floral one seen here. Check out Dior Fall/Winter 2012 for some great skirt inspiration, as well as Dolce & Gabbana, and Mochino Cheap and Chic F/W 2012 for some  cutely paired examples. Be sure to tuck your tee in, with option to tie in with a simple belt. This look is especially right for those who want to show off their trim waist. 
Day 3: 
A Play on Hems
Try: ...A shorter-hemline skirt under a long tunic. 
...A chain belt, such as this gold one, to enliven and sexify simple looks and color schemes,  such as this one. 
...Brightly colored boots, especially if you wear a lot of black, gray, or beiges. They will complete your wardrobe with an ease and pop. 
Tip: Don’t match the peek out skirt the exact same shade or even color as seen on tunic.  For example, say you have a dark green and white printed tunic, then opt for a lime green, or even purple short skirt to peek out for optimal visual effect. Check out Isabel Marant’s F/W 2012 collection for this look. 
Dries Van Noten introduced fire engine red booties and  Diane Von Furstenberg inspired with shiny gold belts, both on black and white ensembles. 

Day 4:

Winter’s Sun 
Try: ...Yellow in winter paired with heavy cover ups and add ons in black. 
...Black/gray leopard print with yellow. 
Tip: Bring on brightness in the gray of winter with yellow. Combine a black and white texture or print with a black leopard print. As long as you keep your leopard print in the same color family, you can almost always add it to the mix for heightened style. 
Wear your classic  pearl necklace over a top, especially a turtle neck, for a girly, classy touch. Check out Donna Karan’s F/W 2012 collection for this accessorized look.
Day 5: 
Spring in Winter 
Try: ...A turtle neck under a Summer/Spring dress. Think Celine, F/W 2011. 
Tip: Tie in a turtle neck with a matching belt, it will balance the airy, light quality of your favorite warm weather frock,  and anchor, as well as add weight to the look, thus creating a more heavy, winterized appeal. For a further glimpse, check out Léonard F/W 2011 take of a cream dress lightly printed with flowers, and fully winterized with a black turtle neck and fasten at waist. 
Day 6:  
The Black Canvas 
Try: ...Bold add ons for your favorite plain, black dress. Three winning choices? A bright, bold colored boot or heel, a statement belt, and colorful, chic neck scarf. 
Tip: Seek complimenting colors for your accesories without being too matchy matchy, such as this boot’s bright red with the scarfs vibrant, yellow and cobalt. Check out Ralph Lauren’s F/W 2011 collection, where black ensembles are spiked with emerald green and bright red tassel necklaces and earrings, as well as silver buckle belts. 

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