Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Invisible Shirt You Must See

Almost all of us have at least one of these- a top that intentionally does not completely cover, whether it be a lace throw over, an embroider patchwork cardigan, or a sheer blouse.  They all can inevitably lead you to ask, “What do I wear underneath?” This can complicate the dressing process so much that you avoid wearing your pretty little see-through shirt all together. There is a solution, a very easy, simple one, almost as clear as your skin in your peek-boo- top, and that is a nude colored body tank. 

A nude colored tank does not distract from the true sight to behold, and that is your main cover up.  A common inclination is to wear a white shirt underneath, but this can be the worst possible choice. Check out the differences a nude tank makes as opposed to a white one in these looks:

Although a nude tank is an easy solution to dressing, believe it or not, it is not an easy find! Online, the affordable stores that come to mind, such as Hanes, Target, and Kmart, do not offer any nude camis! I even came up empty handed at Victoria Secret, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe online. Gap.com is your best, and seemingly only, bet for a quality nude cami. Try their Body Support Cami in Light Nude for $22.50. If you like everything on your bod to be luxurious, then check out HerRoom.com, where you will find pricey nude tanks, such as one by Donna Karen for $52.

I guess the easiest solution is sometimes the hardest to get your hands on. But if you pass by a nude tank ( I have the hunch they are easier, and cheaper, to find away from the computer), snag it! It's one of the most affordable, greatested investments for your wardrobe, even though no one will see it.  

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