Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Item NY: Soho's New Jeweler on the Block

Soho jewelry boutique, Item New York,  attests to both its unique business model and unique jewelry collection, for their neighborhood and international success in the year-and-a-half since opening its doors,
Owner and jewelry buyer of INY, Boaz Sade, named his store Item after the gallery quality of the boutique, which displays it’s jewelry by highlighting its pieces, or items, rather than showcasing its diseigners. 
The name INY also stems from Sade’s strongest desire, that his customers find an item in the store that they connect with. 
“I want to see someone come in and say, that’s mine,” Sade said.  

These teal, organic earrings could be the IT Item for the right, unique woman. 

Sade accredits his stores success in part with his sincere, organic, internal experience with his jewelry selections. 
“I use intuition in choosing pieces, it is all from the gut,” Sade said. “I wanted to bring a good variety of things that speak to me that I know will speak to someone else. If I can connect to a piece, I’m sure someone else can connect to it.”
Sade said he ignores all forecasted trends while jewelry selecting, claiming INY’s jewelry has, “No relevance to time.” 
Nor does he base selections on what he thinks will sell, Sade said. 
There are big sellers at INY Item, however, such as the plentiful offerings of long delicate bead strands that Sade claims people love for layering. Also classic shapes, such as teardrop earrings, are quick to sell. As Sade put it, every item at INY is a classy shape that will never go out of style. 

Delicate wrist stackables are popular items

Furthermore, Sade said at INY, you can find a classic piece, but with a unique giving characteristic. 
“We fill a category with something different,” Sade said. “I find people coming in here finding unique pieces, and that’s attraction to our store.”
With new pieces every week, from various sources, including local designers and even finds from the Middle East, the coherent look of the store surprises. 
“I’m not trying to create a certain look, it’s interesting that everything I bring in and display, ends up being really organic, and works together. But really if you took every piece and separated them, you would see that some of them really are not connected,” Sade said. 
This watch-work bronze ring has a distinct style, but still blends well with the mix 

Inside INY’s jewelry display cases, the diverse items work ascetically well together, while at the same time, offer a variety, which serve every type of woman shopper. 
“Any person that walks in here could find a piece for them, and that’s what I wanted to do,” Sade said. 
Along with striving to meet diverse needs of women clientele, Sade said one of his top priorities is creating a welcoming and relaxing environment. 
“When someone comes in, for me, the first thing is not the sale. It’s really to make sure that the experience is the right experience,” Sade said. “I want this to be a long term project for me.”
In other efforts of of making INY a long term project, Sade said, he has other non-traditional approaches to business. 
“Although we have a policy that says two weeks for returns, or exchange, I never have refused anything, even if it came three months later,” Sade said. “If they come here and want to exchange it, for me it is all good. I value if you are happy, and that if you will want to come back.”
Finding success in an artistic approach to merchandising, an emphasis on customer service,  and promotion of environment, Sade opening a second store, as well as burgeoning Item NY’s online business, poses great potential. 
Until then, their current store’s neighborhood, SoHo, serves INY very well, Sade said.  
“The neighborhood here in Soho is amazing. We have such a broad clientele from around the world. They keep coming, I love seeing the same faces,” Sade said. “I have guys that call me, ‘Its my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow, she loves your store, has been their several times, can you just pick something for me?’ They even trust me on that level.”
Other ties to the city include close work with TV shows, White Collar and Law & Order. 
With such connections of success, Sade credits one factor. 
“For me, it’s what I love to do, its my playground, there is no philosophy aside from I’m connected to it and I love it,” Sade said. “Its organic place to play. ”
Visit Item NY at 444 Broome Street, Soho, NY 10013, or online at www.itemNY.com

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