Monday, June 20, 2011

Get your cards in place!

In a city known for its business card exchanges, make the most of yours with a tasteful card holder.  Functionally, it keeps your cards organized and kept, but more so, a sharp holder makes a statement about yourself- a positive statement your business card may not be able to communicate. 
As a New Yorker, you will likely carry business cards for years to come. Therefore, it is an investment. For this reason, when you purchase one, you can opt for a more expensive, designer piece, if it is something special and signature to you. 
Valextra’s  Bicolor Business Card Holder is a slick option. It’s unique creme color and bright green outer stitching set a distinguished tone. Made of real leather, it goes for  $280, available at Barney’s New York online. 
Bicolor Business Card Holder
Salvatore Ferragamo’s Two-Tone Leather Card Case, for $170, is a classic that would last you a lifetime. It’s charm comes with its two tones- one flap is mahogany and the other flap white. Keep in mind, to pick up leather cleaner as well, to keep the white looking clean. 
Burberry’s Check Card Holder, $185, has an appeasing aesthetic of brown and black plaid. It has slots on the exterior for placing cards. The holder looks cool and clean pictured online, but once you place cards in it, it will become a visual card collection mess. If you like the outward filing system for organizational purposes, however, Tory 
Burch’s Robinson Metallic Slim Card Case, $85, in a cool canvas material with metallic sheen, might just hold your heart as well as your cards.   
Coach and Kate Spade also boast of great card holders for women. Coach’s Madison Embossed Python Zip Card Case, $118, in silver/light blue python print is a visual treat.  
Kate Spade’s Mercer Street Holly, $50, is pleasingly simple and affordable. Opt for the light teal one if your aim is to calm, or choose the bright yellow variation, if you aim to energize.  
Mercer Street Holly 

If you pine for prints, Paul Smith’s Hydrangea Print Business Card Holder, $165, in pinks, purples and beiges, is a soft, feminine sight that can still mean business. 
Barney’s New York carries their own signature card holders in a seven different colors such as deep blue, red and orange. They are sliders, where one side slides into the slight larger side. It is a useful design except for the possibility of mixing your business cards with other peoples. You want your business card exchange to go as gracefully as possible, which doesn’t include fumbling through your stack of cards. Still, made of leather and $95, they look sturdy, high quality and smart, at least till you have to slide them open. 
Barney’s New York 

Before your business card holder pursuit, consider what reads on your business card. Your job title is the best place to start. Your purchase should not only hold your cards, but also support what reads on your cards.   For that reason, maybe for your profession, a black, non-flashy holder is in order. 
Other cardholders with professions in the arts or entertainment, can appropriately carry holders with more personality. A comedian or DJ, for examples, could make a smart impression with this Paul Smith’s Haniboi - Hanitape Coin & Card Pocket, which is made of white silicone rubber and appears to be a cassette tape with light, stylish black print details. With a price of $21, it very well could serve the starving starlet. 

Until you find your perfect card holder, or until you save up for the one you have found, consider a $3.95 card holder for H&M. It’s far better to have a holder than no holder at all. Just the fact you use a holder says something about your attention to detail. In Soho’s H&M they offer a zip up option in an orange, burgundy, and light pink rose pattern. Also for $3.95, are flap holder options, such as one in coral, with two pockets, (one for your cards and the other for ones you receive). 
You put great thought into crafting your card, from its font, to your title. You pondered graphics or no graphics, color or no color. Now you can fold close, zip up, and slide home the project with the perfect business card holder. Once all the cards are in place, remember what matters most, and that’s the cardholder.  

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