Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need a wardrobe fix? This skirt makes many looks, here are six:

The Peice: A white chiffon, high-waisted skirt printed with black sketch art. Think sketch book page on article of clothing.
American Apparel $42

Look 1:

A turtle neck and full skirt pair for elegant appeal. Combine a black and white print with your favorite color- you can't go wrong.    

Look 2: 

A tied button up meets a high waisted skirt perfectly. Opt for a classic blue collared shirt. It keeps your look casual but still smart. 

Look 3:

A plain tee tones down a chiffon skirt. Pair the killer combo with lace up wedges;  they add the extra needed dose of sexy. 

Look 4:

A black and white printed item mixes well with a neutral and a pop of color.  Invest in a quality, neutral toned cardigan-your wardrobe will thank you.

Look 5: 

A long tunic can lay over a full skirt, causing a nice peek of fabric at the hemline.  Do not be afraid to add stripes and leopard print into the mix; browns serve a black and white pallet well. 

Look 6 :

A silk-tie shirt compliments the softness of the skirt.  Use black and white, texture like prints-they add interest. 

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